6-week Accelerator Programme for SaaS businesses

Turn your free trials to paying customers

Join us for a 6 week FREE conversion programme.

We’ll guide you to increase conversion of free trials to paid customers.

Only 40 SaaS businesses will be accepted for this first free run.

Sign up, and each week you’ll receive guidance and a simple task to complete. We’ll look at the decision making process and your role in it. You’ll have a clear action to take each week. Every step will bring your free trial users closer to conversion.

Week 1: Serving first time users

Week 2: Launch your onboarding experience

Week 3: Guide users to success

Week 4: Identify Onboarding Bottlenecks

Week 5: Review your results

Week 6: Plan for the future

Learn how to convert your free trial users
into paying customers

Heather McNamee

Digital Marketing and Online Learning Manager, with an MSc in Learning and Technology. Heather focuses on the intersection of marketing and elearning at the early stages of brand awareness and SaaS product adoption. She loves making content and experiences to empower and excite people to learn something new.

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Marek Sotak

Marek Sotak is Co-Founder of Inline Manual. In this role, he has worked directly with hundreds of clients serving thousands of users each year. His experience working in front end development and design lead him to user experience. Soon he realized what was missing: a way to allow the marketing and content teams to create in-app guidance on the fly. With Inline Manual, he has helped hundreds of clients improve onboarding and feature adoption, in a flexible and customizable way.

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